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The Lotus Rose

Halo Repair- Rice Water Spray

Halo Repair- Rice Water Spray

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Halo Repair - Fermented Rice water has been used for a tradional hair and beauty treatment for centuries. Rice is loaded with nutrients that range from vitamin B, vitamin C, E, natural protein, potassium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, amino acids and more. Amino acids are essential for hair growth, as they are the building blocks of the proteins that make.  In addition, to all these amazing benefits to Rice water Star Ingredients like Hibiscus, Aloe, Bamboo extract, Lavendar, Vitamin B5 has been added to enhance your hair journey and haircare routine. Rice water is good for all 4 hair types 🙌🏽



Spritz on hair rub into scalp, let sit for 20-30 mins or overnight and rinse thoroughly.  May follow with a clean wash and other hair treatment.


Fermented Organic Rice water, Aloe Vera water,  extract, Bamboo Extract, Vitamin b 5, Glycerin, Lavender essential oil. 

4.0 Oz | Convenient Glass bottle spray 

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