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The Lotus Rose

Cloud Dime Body Oil Collection

Cloud Dime Body Oil Collection

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Cloud Dime Body Oil

Cloud Dime -Nourishing Body Oil Collection 

Get your boarding passes ready ladies ! We are transporting you to Cloud DiME !! Cloud Dime is an elevated experience just right above Cloud Nine! Total bliss awaits with every self care moment! Lush velvety blends of soft floral, fruity to musky aromas will envelope your senses with calmness and peace. Because Self care moments are meant to be time spent alone nourishing your mind and body, we have put thought into creating each Body oil with mindfulness to you! 

Why Body Oils are good for you: Our Nourishing Body oil offers mounds of prosperous skin benefits. Key ingredients are designed to deeply penetrate to create a protective barrier with long lasting hydration.  Formulated light weight and fast absorbing!  That means non greasy thick texture, just silky and smooth! Body oils help re hydrate skin, Repair skin, fade scars and stretch marks, reduce irritated skin from eczema and severe dry skin. 

How and when to use Body Oils: Body Oils are best used on Damp skin, after showers, baths, rinsing off from pools, beaches! May be used as a shaving cream alternative which provides easy glide limiting nicks and cuts. Body oils are perfect to layer your fragrances and perfumes for long lasting scents through out the day! 

Cloud Dime Scent Menu: 

  • Island Gal: Tropical Escape + Lotus Lime  (tropic / Sweet)
  • Brunch: Berries & Champaign (sweet/musk) 
  • Dream Girl: Sweet Cherries & Pineapple (sweet) 
  • Date Night: Honey Vanilla & Sweet Pea (floral/sweet)
  • Santa Monica: Cotton Candy & Crisp Waves (sweet/ Sugary) 

Key Ingredients: Grape seed Oil, Golden Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil. 

Size: 60 ML | 2 OZ 

Warning: For External Use only.  Store in a cool dry area to extend the life of your product.  Apply a patch test for sensitivity concerns, and discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

Packaging: Ingredients packed in an airtight refillable airless pump system which will not only increase the longevity of the product, but also fulfills its integrity by ensuring you receive the most effective results and more product! Eliminating waste. 

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